Confirmed: Apple Buys Quattro Wireless


Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) has finally confirmed rampant reports that it is buying up mobile ad network Quattro Wireless. In a short blog post, Quattro CEO Andy Miller says that — for now — the company’s offerings won’t change and its “client and support teams” will remain the same. Miller is joining Apple as VP of mobile advertising.

By picking up Quattro, Apple is positioning itself to make money from the many ad-supported apps on the iPhone and iPod — and gets to counter Google’s recent $750 million purchase of AdMob. No word (at least yet) on how much Apple is paying. Our source puts the price at $270 million.



This acquisition is exciting for the mobile space and here at Mobclix we see it as continued market validation. It was a natural and expected move on the part of Apple, with 80% of app downloads being free they wanted to get in on all the money being made in the ad-driven app space. 2010 will be a banner year for mobile. With iPhone downloads hitting 3B and the Nexus One release today, it’s the beginning of what will be the first truly cross platform year for apps. It’s time for all media companies’ to sit up and take notice of the space if they want long term success.
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The Apple/Quattro Wireless transaction solidifies a major shift in how applications (and of course content) are monetized. Google has been the pioneer around advertising as a powerful monetization engine, now others are in full response mode. More interesting moves to come. See our M&A Alerts on both Apple/Quattro Wireless and Google/Admob at and, respectively.

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