Video Look at My CES Gear Choices and Why I Chose Them


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By this time tomorrow, I’ll be on a plane bound for the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show. That means I have to use today to pick and choose the gear that will keep me productive. It’s easier to show what I’m taking on a video, so here’s a look at what’s going with me and why. I often get questions about which bag I use, both for CES and in general, so you’ll get the answer to that one as well. I ended up literally packing my gear bag on camera so you get a feel for what’s there and what the total package weighs. All of my essential gear goes with me on the plane because if doesn’t arrive in Vegas, I’m out of luck for the show! I will tuck extra USB cords and such in my checked bag, but my must-have stuff stays with me.

Keep a special eye and ear out for why you should be following the jkOnTheRun Twitter feed this week too, because I explain the reason on camera. Hopefully, this year will feel even more like you’re right there with us on the show floor! And if you are there and want to carry my gear bag for a while, I won’t say no! ;)



I’m rather dissapointed that CES changed the style of the press/blogger bag this year, it doesn’t appear to be as compact as the messenger portion of the bag from previous years. Any chance you or James could give us some pictures or video of what they provided this year?


Kevin, you should totally get some sort of cover for your Kindle! the Amazon cover is great. Don’t let that baby scratch, be scratched, or get a bad case of screencrack!!

Buzz Bruggeman

Will see you guys at Showstoppers! I have been pretty happy with the MiFi, and I think James has one! Which Panasonic were you using? Better than Kodak Zi8?


Kevin is using the Panasonic HDC-SD10 that he got back in November, really good deal. Looks very clear and I see James is using the Canon FS200 which is very small and nice as well. I almost bought the Canon that James is using right before Christmas but couldn’t decide.


pretty nice gearbag you got there. nice of the ces people to give you one of those bags every year..the best bag ive ever got was a neoprene slipcase at cebit 2008 (or was it ´07?) i still use it every day to carry my notebook…

dont you wanna throw the T1i into a camera bag thats padded? just for some extra protection? Thats what I´d do, I tend to be rather protective of my camera gear ;-)


That’s a pretty good gear bag. Too bad no one makes one to sell it to the public. Maybe after today someone will make one. :) I use a Oakley one that is very small and yet has a lot of pockets for the gear. I can carry my MacBook, and my Netbook in the same bag with no problem and chargers, with lots of room for my camera, and many more items. Kevin you mention that you’ll need some help out there. Let me know and I can help out. :) I will be a CES Caddy… That way you and James can cover more on the show floor. :)


Great video, Kevin.

Many of my gadgets can be recharged off USB, so I make sure I have at least a few cables in the bag, but I’ve had my luggage go astray too often to leave my computer charger checked. That goes with me on the plane, and stays in the hotel (ditto extra batteries, which is why I’d take my Pre).

Kevin C. Tofel

This is one of the reasons I love devices that can charge from standard USB. :) Good point on cables or power cables going astray with luggage. If worse comes to worse it’s easy to replace most (if not all) of them in Vegas rather quickly. It would be completely different and far more costly if I checked my MacBook and had it end up in another state!

Ray Elmitt

Hey Kevin – not wishing to be picky, but aren’t you going to take some rechargers and power supplies for all that kit? What does that weigh and do you tote it or check it? Have a great CES and look forward to seeing your reports and tweets!

Kevin C. Tofel

Ray, that’s not being picky at all — good question. Yup, I take the required power cables for all my gear, but I check that so it’s not in my gear bag for the flight. I generally don’t carry them around during the show either — more cables and power adapters make the overall bag less portable.


I didn’t see any cables or other accessories go into your bag but I’m watching James’ video now and wanted to remind you to throw in your Monoprice batteries for your iPhone.

Kevin C. Tofel

Actually, I’ve made it through the day on one charge at past shows, so it’s not likely I’ll add the Monoprice battery. Then again, it doesn’t weigh all that much, so *maybe* I’ll throw it in there. Thanks for the reminder! :)


Good to see you back and so relaxed after your holiday!
Thanks for the overview – I’m looking forward to your coverage of the show.

Robert Nelson

Nice choice on the bag, I will be carrying the same one. I also took that one last year, and used it for most of the year locally as well.

Good to see that I am not the only one still carrying that green 2GB USB drive from ShowStoppers, although mine is going back with me this year.

I found it interesting that you were leaving the Pre at home. I am planning to carry my iPhone (more for apps) and also my HTC Hero (calls and email). I figure having two phones may help to keep them both with some charge. It may be easier to keep two, as opposed to have to worry about charging one up.

I also will have my Kindle on hand, but will also be packing my Zune HD to help me focus while trying to write in the noisy blogger lounge.

Have a good show!

Kevin C. Tofel

I’ve gotten by on a single phone at CES for the past four years, so no need for me to take two. Although I could be ordering another phone tomorrow as soon as I land. ;) I’m sure I’ll see you there Robert!


I have to travel in 2 weeks so I’m interested in how the airport security goes for you guys, if you get time can you include any extra hassles you get?

thanks and safe trip,


Thanks for the video Kevin. Will you and JK be video blogging from CES as in past years?



I have to agree on the CES bag, they are great. I bought a 2007 CES bag (both backpack and shoulder bag) on eBay because I was looking for an orange gear bag. I have used it every day since I got it and it has stood up well although I have had to make a couple of repairs and done some re-enforcing of key areas. Due to constant use some areas of the material are starting to get a little thin and I’ll probably be looking to replace it this year. I’ve spent a fair bit of time trying to find a similar replacement without luck.

Love the Quikpod, I’d seen it advertised before as an extender but never with the tripod base. I’m adding that to my “want” list.

You indicated during the video that the 5G cap from Verizon applies only to downloads, that wasn’t something I had heard before, I thought it was a cap on total usage including both uploads and downloads.

Kevin C. Tofel

It is a great bag and that’s why I keep them each year. :)

Not sure of my exact words in the video, but if I said that the 5GB cap didn’t apply to both up and downloads, that’s incorrect. It does apply to overall bandwidth. I was trying to say that I won’t likely hit the cap because I’m not going to download a ton of video (who has time at CES?!?) and that I’d only be uploading some video. If I can upload over Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet in the press lounge, I will — just to ensure I don’t hit my 5 GB cap. Hope that clarifies. :)


Quick question, Kevin: do you happen to know what brand of bag your CES bag is? I’m quite intrigued by the fact that it’s a messenger bag/backpack combo that can zip all together. Or do you know of other bags that are similar to it?

Kevin C. Tofel

That’s a great question, but would you believe there’s not a single branding or logo other the CEA and CES all over it?!? That’s a shame because these would sell big time — the backpack straps are the most cushioned I’ve ever seen and there’s a ton useful pockets and pouches on it. Here’s a better description:

I actually saw one of these on eBay, if you can believe it! I’ll do some digging for a comparable product. Surely there’s one out there!


Check out they have great bags, and bags similar to what Kevin had here.

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