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Rumor Has It: Are These the Specs for the Apple Tablet?

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File this one under “seriously not likely,” but for what it’s worth, a site called is showing off images it says are of a leaked document that details the hardware specifications of Apple’s (s aapl) upcoming tablet. The iSlate moniker is used, but there are a number of elements that suggest you might not want to bet the farm on the credibility of this particular source.

The specs themselves aren’t all that suspect, and in fact could be quite representative of what the actual hardware will look like when it is eventually released, though it’s not quite as impressive as video. But there are a couple odd usages of terms and some specs that seem outdated, which alone could just mean the document itself is rather old, but taken with the other oddities seem much more suspect.

The hardware details of the tablet read more like an entry-level MacBook than an upgraded iPod touch, and include a 2.26GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and support for up to 8GB of RAM, with 2GB built-in to the base configuration. There’s also a 120GB 4200 RPM SATA HDD, which strikes me as a particularly odd choice for what is presumably meant to be a thin and light portable device.

Other hardware niceties include two USB 2.0 ports, an SD card slot, built-in speakers and mic and a combined digital/headphone out and line in like that found on the newest MacBook Pros. The screen is listed as 7.1 inches and boasts the same oleophobic coating found on the iPhone 3GS.

But here’s where it gets weird. In addition to the built-in iSight (not weird), there’s a built-in projector listed too (very weird). And the Airport Extreme is said to be based on the 802.11n draft specification, when we all know that specification was finalized in September. Also, no mention is made of 3G connectivity, something which has been making the rounds recently.

Maybe most interesting of all, and possibly most damning, is the news that the new tablet will run “Mac OS X Clouded Leopard,” a modified version of Snow Leopard designed specifically for the platform that uses widgets and can download and run App Store software. Also, this is minor, but there’s a missing period at the end of one of the bullet points on the document describing “Clouded Leopard,” and in another one the words “Up” and “to” aren’t separated by a space. Could just be bad proofing or the document is an early draft, but it’s enough to raise my suspicion level.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Apple will go this way with its new wonder device, or stick to more of a iPod touch/iPhone hardware format?

21 Responses to “Rumor Has It: Are These the Specs for the Apple Tablet?”

  1. If Apple do a tablet, I’m pretty sure of the following:
    It will be beautiful, appear to be carved from solid aliminium and glass. Will be silky smooth to use, and have good battery life, and will be absolutely crippled with DRM and product lock in. I’d expect to see not enough USB ports, or the ports won’t be powered, The mic will be a new custom jack, so you wont be able to use the $200 headset you already bought for your iPhone, you’ll have to buy another one with a licenced connector, and wont work with any current iPhone or iPod accessory. (more lucre for the add-on licencing market)
    And it will be more expensive than any other current netbook – sufficiently high priced that it won’t cannibilise sales of the plastic macbook or 13″ Macbook pro, so I’m picking around US$1200, no matter what it costs to produce.
    Will be tightly integrated into iTunes, won’t be a full desktop OS like OS X, but cut down like iPhone OS, but a new API so the developers can be charged more $$$ for access to the iSlate platform, Will still not have full flash player because it wont be an intel chip in the heart of this beast (I actually think this is a good thing for a pocket internet browser you don’t want to have extra firewall or malware detection soaking up CPU time) and will probaby have 2 cameras, rather than a messy flip arrangement for video chatting.
    I’m also pretty sure it wont have 3G, but will be more like a super Touch with 802.11a/b/g/n.
    And you wont be able to replace the battery or upgrade the internal storage.
    And I will still want one… Damn you Apple!!!!!!!!

    Now what I hope is that it is at least feature complete with iPhone’s PDA suite so I can synch all the mail and contact sources I already have, maybe even offer native Exchange 2007 client like Apple Mail, and I hope it keeps the IPSec VPN but add some decent local encryption for user data. Fingerprint reader would be nice, but unlikely – no current apple portable seems to have this, and also unlikely – wireless iTunes sync.

    Or it could be like the new Magic Mouse – pretty … useless.

  2. They are not going to use a core 2 duo. Not in a million years. Nor a hard drive. Apple is forward looking. This would be based on technologies that are quickly rushing towards extinction.

  3. iphonerulez

    This tablet really goes counter to anything I ever imagined as an Apple tablet. A C2D processor and a hard drive? It seems like old-fashioned tech to me. Whatever. Truthfully, if this were to be the tablet, I’d be sorely disappointed because I’m wanting a big screen iPod Touch.

  4. Its obviously fake. The letters are too sharp. If this was a picture then the ink would not be so black, there would be slight gradients in the ink. There is also something about the angle of the text that doesn’t seem right.

    Apple would probably not make an iSlate SuperDrive, since they already make an external SuperDrive.

    Why Ethernet and where would it go? My guess is that Apple would go the Macbook Air route with a tablet. A device that utilizes wireless networks, no cables attached.

    A projector is a cool idea, but not in demand, how would the projector hardware enhance the tablet experience? I shake my head at the Nokia projector phone.

    Or battery specs, that is something that is strangely missing.

    I think they would elaborate more on the screen, specifically identifying whether the screen is LED or OLED.

    My educated guess is that if Apple comes out with the tablet, its going run on 10.6 which has enough “touchable” elements for users. For Apple to release a “10.7” OS specifically for the tablet doesn’t match up either, considering product cycles.

    I don’t think they would not release a tablet product based on the iPhone OS concept. Specifically, users would be looking for something that is new to their personal computing experience and not their mobile experience.

    Also if Apple was to release so said tablet as a true tablet PC or netbook competitor, they would not call it the iSlate. I’m assuming Apple would put a tablet in the Macbook product line, and therefore they would probably call it the Macbook xxxxxx (Hah Macbook Slate). Also the use of “i” has been long removed from the personal computing product line except for the iMac.

    • Agreed, guys, this is definitely a fake.
      > Just few days after the name “iSlate” appears, this mysterious paper appears as well, with the name “iSlate” used. Coincidence?
      > 7-inch (in title) or 7.1-inch (in Display section)?
      > Spacing and text alignment – looks like they use spaces instead of Tab. (A.k.a they’re Word/Keynote n00bs.)
      > Wording doesn’t really seem professional, especially on the second paper. “Homescreen”, “Browse & download”, “2x faster”, don’t sound exactly right, but it’s Apple, so OK – let’s assume they could have actually written it like that. But mentioned Exchange at the end – to make it sound more real? The “Now refreshed” sounds VERY fake, too. And on Wireless, note the number “2” – it shouldn’t be there, plus it lacks a space before it. Finally, pros to delphinus87 for noticing the wrong font.
      > Clouded Leopard? Oh man.
      * Apple won’t make a third Leopard.
      * 10.7 so soon after 10.6? Yeah right.
      * 10.7 should be the new desktop OS, not a derivative of 10.6 for the tablet.
      * Clouded – cloud computing? Sounds interesting. This (from here, imagine the following text is in italics) could (from here, forget the italics) be a smart move from Apple, but it sounds more like a smart move from fakers.

  5. Virtually everything described sounds ridiculous to me. A true hard drive instead of flash memory/SSD? Two USB ports? Core2 Duo processor? 8GB of RAM?

    This all sounds like a Netbook spec, not an Apple tablet spec.

    I would prefer it if we dispensed with the rumor reporting here and focused on what we could use an eventual tablet for (an opinion piece).

  6. I think it’s humorous that people can make up ANYTHING and it will get play and PR and reposting to many blogs.

    SERIOUSLY, a 4200 RPM hard drive?

    SERIOUSLY, where would you fit a GigE port on a Tablet? Would you make it thick enough for the RJ-45 jack? Or would you put it on the top? Maybe in the middle of the glass… won’t be in the way!