Mobile Tech Minutes: My CES Gear Bag


[wpvideo H9V6LU4s w=560]

That Kevin is a bright guy and his idea to shoot a video of his CES gear bag made a lot of sense. I decided to follow his lead and shot this video showing my bag and all the gear that will accompany me to provide you the coverage of the big CES out in Vegas. Two things I forgot while shooting the video, let’s hope I don’t forget them for the trip, the Verizon MiFi (s vz) and the Mophie Juice Pack for the iPhone 3G (s aapl). The MiFi is my must-have gadget and will fit in the bag pocket along with the Mophie which makes sure the iPhone 3G has enough power to last all day no matter what.



Does that mean you have to pay for your own hotel lodgings? Or is that settled by the CES organizers?


This is freaking sweet! Hope you kids have fun while working out there. Looking forward to all the tweets.


This was great to see a video of the gear you and Kevin are taking to CES. Added JkOnTheRun to my twitts to stay in touch of fresh gadgets. :) James have you heard of any meet ups like previous years?


Might I suggest that for future videos that you point the camera at the object of the video rather than you being the central piece of the video. You will be better able to see the subject of the video and make sure that it is center screen.

I really do enjoy the coverage provided by you and Kevin.

Have a safe trip.


Nice video from both you guys! I’ll make sure to update my twitter account with your info.

Hope the flight there is problem free. Enjoy the show!


Cool video, James.

I did keep checking my Pre while watching. I didn’t have any messages. You?

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