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Video: The Debate Over Google Books

An excellent overview of the issues at stake in Google’s book scanning project in this PBS NewsHour clip. It’s especially worth watching considering that many of these larger points tend to get lost in all of the reports on minute developments in the litigation over the initiative. The comment at 3:30 about how Google (NSDQ: GOOG) wants to charge “even school children” to access books that the company has copied without the permission of authors or publishers seems over the top, however. Full video after the jump…

(Via Google Watch)

One Response to “Video: The Debate Over Google Books”

  1. Google has done a good job so far, I don’t know why people hate on Google whenever they get the chance. Sure there will always be privacy concerns and stuff like that, but there is no stopping improving the future of technology. Also that lawyer guy who was against Google didn’t seem to have very good arguments anyway.