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Idearc Exits Bankruptcy As SuperMedia

Yellow pages publisher Idearc has emerged from bankruptcy protection with a new name, SuperMedia, but a continued belief in the future of its print business. SuperMedia CEO Scott Klein tells local media research firm BIA/Kelsey that the shift to online is being driven mostly by new users, while “traditional users” are still loyal to the traditional yellow pages (That sounds like wishful thinking. Not to extrapolate too much here, but the pile of yellow pages dropped off outside my apartment building two weeks ago does not seem to have shrunk).

Idearc had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last March in order to get out from $9 billion in debt. That figure has been reduced to $2.75 billion under the bankruptcy reorganization. The company also has a new board of directors, which includes Robin Domeniconi, the VP of U.S. advertising at Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) and TiVo (NSDQ: TIVO) CEO Thomas Rogers. SuperMedia’s online properties include its flagship site, as well as and

Next up among the directory publishers to emerge from bankruptcy protection is likely R.H. Donnelley, which followed Idearc into Chapter 11 over the summer.

6 Responses to “Idearc Exits Bankruptcy As SuperMedia”

  1. Valdaddy

    Here’s one for you guys…I did the full interview with SuperMedia. Although I would agree is was a lengthy process and at times i got the felling I didn’t get a job. I will say I am very excited about starting on Monday. I have been unemployed for 11months and have a criminal history. I did 7 yrs of marketing and advertising from home in the direct mail field for the Auto Industry, and making a good life. The my company had to close. I don’t know what the future has for me but i will tell you either u know how to sell or don’t either u know how to communicate or don’t you will never be able to do well in any industry if you don’t know the business. I have been in sales since the 90’s. Good luck to all of you who are willing to take what comes to make sure you can feed your family

  2. Anonymous 2

    I almost canceled my job interview after reading all of the negative remarks about Scott Klein plus the many disgruntled employees still working at SuperMedia. After my interview I can see why people disdain this company & call the Managers dishonest. These Managers praised me all the while smiling to my face with positive feedback such as: great role play, good answers (to their questions . They could have even checked out my excellent past evaluation from past Employers as prove of my capability. I left with the false impression that I had the job and did great on the role play and questions according to what they said. Turns out they were fakes and teases. I would have rather they had been sincere even a little brutal at least it would have been honest. I respect Simon Cowell type people more than lying phonies pretending to think you are wonderful. A friend who knows how they operate said most of the time they have a person pre-selected but because of Equal Opportunity Laws they have to pretend the job was open to outsiders

  3. anonymous

    Very confusing. Got a bunch of information to study for the Role Play second interview. How will I know if I am over selling since I have not had training yet. If this is any indication of the place maybe I should pass on the interview!

  4. nanas taxi

    I think that your sales people in conning lieing to get accounts is what put you in bankruptcy. I wish mo
    re harm could be done to you.I nevere once adverticed with or agreed to i said i would have to talk to my partner and the next thing i got a bill for 710 dollars