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Apple Tablet May Be Coming In March Following Unveiling Later This Month

Apple is expected to ship its well-fabled multimedia tablet in March, after unveiling the device later this month at an event in San Francisco. The latest information was reported by the WSJ, which quotes people who were briefed by Apple (NSDQ: AAPL). Earlier today, AllThingsD reported that Apple was expected to host an event on Jan. 27 in San Francisco.

The tablet has been a subject of much debate. While it has been well written about by a wide variety of media, it has not yet been confirmed by Apple, which has even stated its disdain for the growing mini-laptop category.

Still, the level of tablet noise is reaching all-new highs. in addition to the timing, the WSJ also dug up a few more new details about the actual device. Based on its sources, which say anything could change at any time, the new tablet device could have a 10- to 11-inch touchscreen and will potentially be made out of two material finishes. Apple is also saying it could redefine the way consumers interact with a content, ranging from textbooks to newspapers. It has also been speculated that a tablet could be at the heart of a new TV subscription service that Apple is working on with major TV stations.

Analysts are guessing that the tablet may cost as much as $1,000, which could include a subscription to a nationwide Wi-Fi wireless service. That would be a bit of a disappointment as consumers have started to rely on always-on wireless internet access from devices, like their iPhone. The Tablet would then remind people more of the iPod Touch, than a truly mobile device, like the iPhone, or even Amazon’s Kindle, which connects without the knowledge of most users.

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  1. The old paradigm of waiting for version two is not as valid as it used to be. Version 1 of the tablet will be good right out of the gate. It will have to be, because with Google breathing down Apple’s neck there is enormous pressure to get this one perfect. The general consensus is that tablets are the future of quality content delivery, so an early misfire in design will be very costly. Will version two be cheaper/faster/better? Sure, but version 1 will have a long lifespan, just like version 1 of the Touch, which still rocks two years later.