Weekend Vid Picks: Dancing Off the Pounds for the New Year


Allow me to perpetuate a cliche — with the coming of the new year comes a newfound determination to get in shape. But because no one really takes that resolution seriously, let’s watch some videos that also don’t take fitness very seriously!

See, getting fit doesn’t have to be hard work — in fact, it should be fun! And what’s more fun than doing the hustle — specifically, Vickie Winans’ Fitness Hustle? There is a lot to love about this video, but the abrupt costume changes might be chief among them.

Meanwhile, if you like the idea of dancing off the pounds but want to add some Christian overtones, then Dance Dance Dance Fitness is for you!

And this ABC Family Online Original has some tips on incorporating fitness into your daily office routine:

Of course, if you wanted to get serious about your fitness regime, you’d probably skip over these ideas and jump right to the YouTube account of Zusana, who’s the most viewed of all time Guru channel in Canada. Watching her work out, you can see why she’s in fantastic shape, though over the course of the video she doesn’t really provide any pointers or tips on how to replicate her results — her videos, in fact, seem mostly to be just documentation of her daily workouts.

But if you like watching a ripped Russian lady do pushups in a sports bra, well, mazel tov. It’s almost like working out yourself!



For another comic touch, check out That Guy on crackle The Gym segments are great!


The “Vickie Winans’ Fitness Hustle” made this awkward white boy wanna get up and dance, but turns out I could watch the last video with the Russian for hours. :)

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