WinMo Wrap: Xbox Games Coming to WinMo?


The week marches on and today being Saturday means it is time to recap the recent happenings in the world of Windows Mobile. The end of the year has seen things quiet on the Windows Mobile front, although Microsoft (s msft) is looking to fill some jobs that may change that this year. Reports show several job listings for xbox and WinMo that looks to integrate the two platforms, turning Windows Mobile into a mobile gaming platform. Microsoft is looking for a program manager and some software engineers to bring Xbox Live games to Windows Mobile. Game on.

LG has released a pico projector option for the eXpo phone on AT&T (s t) running Windows Mobile. The projector add-on snaps onto the back of the eXpo to project the screen onto a flat surface. The projected image is 480×320 and can be used to watch movies or make presentations with Mobile Powerpoint. An add-on gadget like this projector makes a lot of sense for business travelers, with the ability to make a quick presentation right in the pocket.



Funny thing is, I bought a Dell Axim X50v so many years ago with the full intention of playing games on it. Had to make use of that Intel 2700G somehow…

Then the weird controls got to me, and I ended up diverging: PSP-2000 with custom firmware for the games, and an HP iPAQ hx4700 with a better screen and longer battery life for the PDA stuff.

Why it took so long is beyond me…oh, wait, Microsoft has a reputation for trailblazing somewhere, but then resting on their laurels until someone speeds by and they want to catch back up. (That may be about to happen again with all this tablet talk, even though MS first ventured into such computers in response to PenPoint and the like back in the early 1990s, perhaps late 1980s.)

Nevertheless, while WM is due for a serious revamp, if it apes the iPhone/iPod touch and Android too much, I’ll actually be ticked off as things like PIM data are forced into the cloud with no other recourse and I end up having to jailbreak/root/unlock/whatever my device to install whatever I want on it, among other things. I also happen to like my stylus for a few tasks where a finger just doesn’t make sense-or hard buttons for when I want tactile feedback.

Then again, if they make something like my PocketBreeze/iLauncher Today Screen combination the default Today screen interface, preferably much smoother and better integrated into the OS itself…that would go a very long way toward making WM more usable overall.

Chris Smith

Personally, I think that pico projectors in smartphones is an amazing feature. How awesome is it that you could show someone a business presentation, view slideshows, or even watch a movie. That is something that this mobile guy wants to do.

Also, Windows Mobile needs a complete revamp. They will not make it through 2010 without something huge. If Palm can do it (especially with a much smaller company and team of engineers) then Microsoft can surely make a change.

The problem is that in standard MS style, Windows Mobile 7 will just be full of features that Android and iPhone already contain. They will emulate instead of innovate. There probably won’t be any major game-changers in the OS. I hope I am mistaken, but it seems that Windows Mobile/Windows Phone is going away fast this year.


First, Windows Mobile: As many analysts have said, Windows Mobile is a train wreck, being abandoned by developers and handset OEMs. Microsoft has only just started to advertise for employees to turn it into a gaming platform. Microsoft is not fast, and it always runs late. This will take years. I can’t see the platform surviving that long.

Second, The Projector Phone: A pico projector on its own would be better than one in a phone. You don’t need to carry it in your bulging pocket. With a Snapdragon processor + projector, the battery life of that phone will be very short.

Despite it bulging with a projector, the LG eXpo requires a traditional Windows Mobile stylus pen, but has no internal housing to store it. Instead, the stylus is stored in a lipstick container that comes separate to the phone, and includes a piece of string to tie it to the side of the phone. Pretty, but impractical.

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