TWC-News Corp. Extend Talks; Scripps’ HGTV, Food Go Dark On Cablevision


Update: That “brief” extension turned into an all-nighter for *Time Warner* Cable, which is still negotiating with News Corp (NYSE: NWS) and Scripps on behalf of itself and private cable operator Bright House. Check our comments for a taste of what they face if deals can’t be reached and Fox, Food and more get yanked today.

Original: Past midnight on the east coast and Fox is still on Time Warner Cable (NYSE: TWC) during a brief extension while negotiations continued. But Cablevision (NYSE: CVC) fans of home decor and cooking just took a hit. Harsh words from the Long Island cable operator as it fails to reach an agreement with Scripps Networks (NYSE: SNI) to keep HGTV and the Food Network on its systems, while Scripps says it is asking for “pennies” for “top 10” networks.

Cablevision claims: “Unfortunately, Scripps has decided to stop distributing HGTV and Food Network to Cablevision customers upon the expiration of our current agreement at midnight, December 31. We are sorry that Scripps

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