Palm Press: 1,000 Apps; Verizon getting Pluses; Pixi Order Cut


It is Thursday and that means it’s time for another Palm Press. Palm Press is our weekly look at the world of Palm. The webOS App Catalog is closing in on 1,000 apps. While this falls a little short of the number of apps in the iPhone App Store, it took so long that it’s good to see this milestone approach. The lack of apps has been a major shortcoming of webOS, and while there is still a huge shortage of them it is good to see the number of apps steadily climb.

Palm (s palm) is expected to update both the Pre and the Pixi next year, and it is looking like they will both be going to Verizon (s vz). The new models are being referred to as the Pre Plus and the Pixi Plus, showing a lack of imagination on someone’s part. Verizon has long contended they will be carrying a webOS device, and the CDMA network is the perfect fit for the existing handsets too. It will be interesting to see if Big Red puts up a big ad campaign for the Palm phones, as they did for the Droid.

Sales of the Pixi may not be as good as Palm was predicting, if a Chinese supplier is correct. Compal Communications has told Chinese news outlets that their fourth quarter shipments of Pixis to Palm have been reduced to 600,000 units from the forecast 800,000. That’s a healthy cut-back, so the Pixi must not be flying off the shelves.


James Kendrick

My article states “Sales of the Pixi may not be as good as Palm was predicting”. That is a logical assumption when an order like this is cut so substantially. I have never seen an order like this cut for any other reason than the companies involved don’t believe they can sell as many as forecast.

The key phrase is my statement was “may not” which I believe stands. It also clearly states that Pixis “must not” be flying off the shelves. I don’t believe either statement claims fact, nor was it intended to. Accuracy is always the number 1 aim here. I apologize if anyone interpreted these statements as claims of fact.


wow, everybody finally calling James out. have to admit it James, this was 1 of your more bold made up speculations. this time you actually PROVIDED a link that in no way backed up your claims.

you really dont seem to care about facts anymore, you just like to create narratives with nothing too support them. this website seems to act alot like the mainstream media, where when asked to back up their speculative claims with facts, cannot do so.

you should be more responsible in your reporting. honestly, how would you like it if someone went around saying you hangout in front of highschools taking pics of teenage girls? sure its not true, but that doesnt matter. its quite easy to create false facts about a person/corporation & alter the public perception.


me too James, could you please provide a link stating the Pixi order was reduced due too poor sales? i have no idea how you came to that conclusion by reading that article.

also, where have you seen the Pixi is selling poorly anywhere, do you have a link? its only been out a month & no figures have even come out yet.


the article you linked to doesn’t say the pixi reduction was due to poor sales. In fact it gives an entire different reason.

could you plz provide a link to back up ur claims? I hope this isn’t just more doom & gloom speculation on ur part.


how could you expect VZW to put out a big ad campaign for a device that has been out on another carrier for 6 months now? I mean I expect to see VZW Pre ads but not on the same level as the Droid. Also what’s wrong with Pre Plus? It’s either that or Pre 2.

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