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HTC HD2 to get Windows Mobile 7 — Nothing Else

It is amazing how much advance product information leaks out over social networks like Twitter. Recently, the HTC Russia team tweeted that the HD2 will be getting upgraded to Windows Mobile 7 next year when it is available. This hasn’t been confirmed by HTC, but the tweets went onto mention that the HD2 is the only HTC phone currently available that will get the upgrade. I’ll have to take this on good faith, as it is definitely a rumor and especially since I don’t read Russian.

5 Responses to “HTC HD2 to get Windows Mobile 7 — Nothing Else”

  1. Nameless

    I’m not even sure that I should be worried, given that I don’t know what Windows Mobile 7 will do for me. For all I know, it could be even WORSE than 6.1/6.5 to someone used to the old PDA paradigm.

    I may want an HD2, but that’s largely because it runs the OS I want right now (WM6.5) rather well, and with some spiffy hardware to boot. (Though what are they thinking, putting a capacitive screen on a WM device and not including a capacitive stylus to go with it? Then again, capacitive multi-touch is probably the one reason why WM7 will only show up on the HD2 out of all existing WM devices.)

  2. Marauderz

    HTC isn’t the most trustworthy company in this aspect. And I’d actually be worried that any current phone is upgradable to WinMo7.

    WinMo7 is supposed to standardize the hardware layer so that developers can start writing apps without worrying about what hardware’s available. ie. Open GL ES supported graphics on every device. So unless that part of the spec is already nailed down anything that is upgradable to WinMo7 next year will just be a disadvantage to the platform.

  3. It’s pretty sad that everyone assumes that Windows Mobile 7 will be a slow hog of a mobile OS. Apple seems to have managed to get a supremely responsive device running on far less than a Snapdragon.

    But wait, what am I saying; this is Microsoft, so I guess we can assume Snapdragon is required.

  4. Hopefully MS doesn’t make WinMo7 backwards compatible. It should only run on powerful hardware so the experience will be perfect. And easily run Zune/Xbox LIVE services too!