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Surviving Travel This Holiday Season

Air travel in the United States continues to get more complicated with every new change implemented by the TSA. While I’m not a road warrior traveling every week, I do take quite a few business and personal trips. I fondly remember the times when I could go through security without taking most of my clothes off, while bringing more than a little quart-sized zipped bag of liquids through security.

While I’m not sure how much of my advice applies this week (since, according to the TSA, “Passengers should not expect to see the same thing at every airport”) I do have a few tips and loopholes to make your travel easier. Many of them revolve around food, since airport food can be unpredictable. Last weekend in the Columbus, Ohio airport, I was limited to the food that I brought with me and what was available in a single vending machine, as none of the stores in my terminal were open.

Smuggle Spreadable Food

I recently learned that peanut butter in a jar is a “liquid”. It seemed pretty solid to me, but that didn’t stop it being confiscated in the Seattle airport as possible liquid contraband. Dangerous stuff. However, if you spread peanut butter between crackers or bread it then becomes a “solid” and can be brought through security. This works for any other spreadable food: hummus, jelly, etc.

The Quart-size Bag isn’t Just for Shampoo and Lotion

This is a good way to smuggle small amounts of hummus, jelly, peanut butter, salad dressing, or any other condiments that you might want to have in the airport: You can put any liquids in the quart-size bag as long as you adhere to the 3.4 ounce per bottle limit, and you can squeeze everything into one bag.

Fitness Training

With all of the delays this holiday season, it can help to practice your running / sprinting before your trip just in case you need to make a tight connection. Last weekend, I managed to make a 5-minute connection in Minneapolis by sprinting between gates. Luckily, all of the running I’ve been doing lately helped me prepare. However, I did learn that running with a backpack containing a laptop and a couple of books while not wearing tennis shoes is way harder than my normal run. If nothing else, I got in a quick little workout combined with an adrenaline rush.

Your mileage may vary with these tips, but we wish you safe travels this holiday season from the WebWorkerDaily team.

What are your tips for making travel easier during the holiday season?

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