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Packaging Mixup Hints 8GB iPhone 3GS on the Way

The iPhone 3GS has never been available in anything other than 16GB and 32GB capacity models, leaving the 8GB shoes to be filled with its older brother, the iPhone 3G.

And that was just fine for a while. The problem now is that we’re just months away from a new iPhone, and then what will we have? Three models of iPhone on the market? Each with slightly different capabilities? Catering to slightly different capacities? That’s just not the Apple way.

If this terrifying prospect was keeping you up at night, rest easy, because news from Europe of an innocuous packaging mixup hints at the upcoming availability of an 8GB iPhone 3GS. An eagle-eyed customer in Germany posted on the discussion board that his refurbished 8GB iPhone 3G arrived sporting a SKU packaging label describing something the same, only different — an 8GB iPhone 3GS.

Image by .david at

The customer, known as .david on the message board, had this to say (translation by Google via Gizmodo):

Seems to be an iPhone 3G (back and no compass, FW) 3.0.1 on it. However, the packaging is clearly designed for an iPhone 3G [S] 8GB. Ordered was a refurbished 3G iPhone 8GB.

Vote: who have a refurbished iPhone 3G in a new packaging of the packaged iPhone 3G [S] 8GB, because the enhancement is clearly new. Which clearly indicates that the sale of the iPhone 3G [S] 8GB immediately imminent.

.david’s mind is made up; he’s certain this means an 8GB iPhone 3GS is on the way. Another possibility, of course, is that this is a typo. But I tend to agree with my Teutonic neighbor. Apple’s next revision to the iPhone is not too far away, and it makes sense to establish the 3GS feature-set as the de-facto for all iPhones moving forward. Because, y’know, that┬ámagnetometer┬ámakes a difference!

What’s your take on this? Obvious indicator of things to come, or some dispatch technician’s unfortunate mis-type?