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Apple DIY Projects for the New Year

One of my new year’s resolutions is to pursue more DIY projects. This includes things like putting Jolicloud on my Hackintosh netbook, swapping out the hard drive on my iMac, and, most importantly, doing something with my old Apple (s aapl) hardware.

I currently own a Powerbook G4 and a Blue and White G3 Tower. They are sitting in a closet collecting dust. I would love to find something truly unique to do with the computers. The easiest answer is “turn them into servers.” In fact, we¬†published an article a few years ago with similar suggestions — music servers, file servers, etc. My goal is to do something creative with the hardware and put them on display. Leaving them in the closet is boring.

Here’s my favorite project for the Powerbook: the WallMac. Basically, I would reverse the Powerbook’s monitor and then put the laptop inside a thick frame. A wireless keyboard and mouse would control everything.


As for the Blue and White Tower, my favorite DIY project idea is the BlueIce. The case was converted to become transparent, and some neon cold-cathode light tubes and LEDs were inserted into the case.


What do you think? Are there any other projects I should know about? What do you do with your old Apple products?

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  1. Supercharged

    As everyone knows, white Macbooks are bad for poor plastic that brakes on sides. So I’m going to swap my cracked keyboard part of white Macbook for the black one. If I’ll manage to find black LCD bezel, I’ll swap that too. Would be nice black inside white Macbook, I think.

  2. I have an old PowerBook G4, dug it out last Sunday (from a pile of old stuff on a shelf under the desk) to test the new Ubuntu on it. Booted into Tiger, and fell in love with it. Have spent the last few days trying to make the most out of the “oldie” hardware and OS. Looks like this is going to be my “netbook” – WiFi capable, runs latest Safari, not the best choice for other things (still Tiger). As this is the first Mac computer that only I use, I also set up iSync for my phone, Mail for mail (duh!), gonna work with iTunes and iCal later, too. Also, I really enjoy playing JewelBox and other Classic games. Don’t feel like mounting it to the wall right now, but I think that’s still a very good idea for people who have lots of older spare Apple hardware at home.


    Best post you had in a while, but you can do better! The wall mounted mac was an amazing find but the silly blue light thing is kinda useless.

    More function and less fluff with future DIY’s!

  4. I have 1,000 Christmas songs loaded onto an old iMac G3 400mhz. The tunes are played in random order and streamed wirelessly to an Airport Express hooked up to the living room audio system. The audio system itself is old school, circa 1977 Onkyo receiver and Advent loudspeakers. This setup works flawlessly…………until someone uses the microwave.

    Old tech still rocks!

  5. Cool projects!

    I have an old Powerbook G4 I’d love to turn into a media center and hook up to my (non-flatscreen, non-HD) TV. I’ve done a bit of Googling on the subject, but haven’t found much. Does anyone know of any resources that could guide me in that effort? Thanks!