10 Must-have Google Chrome Extensions


The nature of my writing and consulting work means I spend a lot of time working in a web browser window, so I am always looking to maximize my productivity browser-wise. Recently, I made the switch to the latest Google Chrome beta (s goog) for Windows because I was looking to take a break from Firefox and wanted to try Google’s latest browser developments.

While Chrome can’t yet match Firefox’s massive extension ecosystem, more useful extensions are becoming available for Google’s browser every day. Here are my must-have extensions for the new Google Chrome user:

Brizzly. Since I am trying to better integrate Twitter and Facebook into my professional communications in 2010, the Brizzly extension, which is a Twitter and Facebook reading/updating tool, ranks as a must-have in my book.

Shareaholic for Google Chrome. This extension lets you share web pages through major social media sites and other services, like Gmail and Evernote.

Google Apps Shortcuts. This shortcut provides easy access to all of your Google Apps, including Google Wave and Google Voice. You can even begin creating new email, documents, spreadsheets and presentations using this extension.

Evernote Web Clipper. We’ve written about Evernote in the past, and the Evernote extension provides the same web clipping functionality you already enjoy in Mozilla Firefox and in Internet Explorer. I use the web clipper whenever I want to capture research from the web.

Xmarks Bookmarks Sync. One of the biggest draws of Firefox for me was the capability to sync bookmarks across my home office PCs. Now with the Xmarks Bookmarks Sync extension you can have the same feature using Chrome.

Aviary Screen Capture. I take a lot of screen captures, and like the fact that Aviary Screen capture lets you capture and manipulate screen captures from within Google Chrome.

Bit.ly. This extension comes in handy if you need fast access to a URL shortener. Clicking on the Bit.ly extension launches a sidebar:

html2pdf. This extension enables you to save the HTML page you are viewing to PDF. I find this extension handy when I want to save a receipt or a piece of research.

Google Reader Notifier. Google Reader is my RSS reader of choice, so the Google Reader Notifier Extension was a natural choice for me.

TooMany Tabs for Chrome. I’ve been known to keep way too many browser tabs open especially when I am in full-on research and writing mode. TooMany Tabs for Chrome helps to keep me organized and my computer’s memory usage in check.

What are your favorite Chrome extensions?



I’d like to add one to this list… “Tabs To Front”

It made my life using Chrome (after FireFox) a real pleasure. When I open a new link I want it OPEN in a new tab! Tabs To Front will do this for you.

Pixels 4 Charities

Great article. I added a few of your suggestions. Here are some of my favourites:

Session Manager (the reason I installed Chrome Beta!)
Google Mail Checker Plus (real-time gmail checking)
Better Gmail (gmail tweaks)
AutoPagerize for Chrome


Nice! I’m using FF now but it started to piss me off some time ago. I’ll give Chrome a shot with these extensions


The Shareaholic extension already auto-generates a bit.ly link for every page you wish to share (it’s even displayed in your screenshot in the bottom right corner), so there is no need to also have a separate bit.ly extension installed that I can see.


I am not having any luck with HTML-2-PDF. Might need a re-install. It doesn’t do anything for me except pop up a bubble saying “converting to pdf.”

Wayne Liew

Nice list of Google Chrome extensions. Although there are still a lot of flaws as compared to Firefox Addons, the introduction of extensions on Chrome is enough for me to make the switch.

If you use Remember The Milk for your task lists, you should try ChromeMilk too!

Richard F

How about the new ‘similar pages’ chrome extension – works a treat


Not to be too dour (I like Chrome, I really do), but where are the equivalents for any of the real goodies FF and Opera offer, like list-based ad-blocking (and flash-blocking), javascript control, gestures, etc.?


Those are to cliché; one gets tired of seeing ABP on the list of best Firefox extensions. The equivalents are:


I’m not exactly sure about Javascript control, are you meaning a No-Script like plugin?


Jason Barone

I’m absolutely loving Google Quick Scroll. When you Google search for a term or phrase and click a search result, a little pop up will show you where in the page those keywords are and let you click right to them. It eliminates the need for Control-F.

Also, LastPass is a favorite of mine for securely keeping logins synced across Firefox and Chrome.


Thanks for the list. I didn’t know about a few of these. Did you try the Diigo extension? I wasn’t too pleased with it because the most important features of Diigo were left out, highlighting and stick notes.

I have Aviary but haven’t used it yet, can’t wait to give it a try.

Thanks for the list!

Inside the Webb

You could definitely call these “must-have” and in fact Chrome should even come pre-packaged with a few optionals. I think it would allow Chrome to run faster, more efficiently, and with a better user experience than originally launched.

Peter Sabbagh

If you like using the above mentioned tools for research and knowledge collection you should take a look at Memcatch.com. It is very good platform for collecting, managing, and sharing knowledge online. Its open knowledge area is also useful for gathering fresh information from the blogosphere, and because the platform is relatively new, it is developing new functionalities on a regular basis.


FYI – Xmarks will mess up your sync with Firefox bookmarks. Google doesn’t have the ability to assign “keywords” to bookmarks so when you install Xmarks it deletes all these keywords.

I love the speed of Chrome but without type-to-search and better support for remembering passwords I can’t use it yet. I started writing a blog post comparing FF3 and Chrome but got distracted. I love the zoom in Chrome because it actually increases text size, which means no horizontal scroll bars. On the flip side FF is slow and getting slower. I love the web development tools in Chrome, the Mac-like eye candy is awesome and the tools are so quick and easy to read.

Hope that helps someone,


Didn’t happen to me- all keywords from Firefox are saved and usable in Chrome… I have the extension syncing between 2 Firefox and 2 Chromes installation .


Very good extensions.

i was using six of them.

Other great extension is “feedly”, help you organize “blogs content”.

Drew Howard

Thanks for sharing! I’ve got to get myself Brizzly and bit.ly now!

But the big question…. is anyone aware of a FireBug plug-in for Chrome? It was my most widely used tool in FireFox, and like you, I’ve made the change over to Chrome just recently to see what’s new. However, I have to keep going back to FireFox when I need my FireBug tool! The Chrome dev tool just doesn’t cut it yet.


There is actually a native firebug like tool in chrome. It is called the web inspector I believe. I think it is under options and developers.

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