WebOS 1.3.5 Rolls Out: Faster Performance


The word yesterday that Sprint (s s) was going to roll out a new webOS update turned out to be true. Last night, my Palm (s palm) Pre was updated to version 1.3.5, with no issues. It may be wishful thinking, but the performance of the Pre definitely feels faster since the update. Menus pop up quickly, and lags are not as prevalent as they were before.

This update removed the goofy program limit that has plagued the Pre since day one, but I have to take Palm’s word on that as I don’t have that many apps installed to test it out. I will keep an eye on battery life, as the update is reported to be stingier with power consumption. The only thing negative I’ve run into is I can no longer take screen captures for some reason. No matter what I do, the screen won’t capture an image.



The problem with the Droid phones for me at least is the GUI has an unfinished feel to it much like running a Linux GUI like KDE or GNOME. Unfortunately AT&T service is deplorable in my area what does that leave me with the Palm Pre and hopes of more apps to come out in the future.


All three of my Palm Pre users at work have come to my boss or I in the past couple weeks accepting defeat in their use of the Pre… they’re frustrated with problems and performance, and they insisted we move them to other phones. They’re now trying Samsung Moments.



I don’t know what issues you have with the browser (link me up!) but Palm needs to let me scroll within a table. The iPhone solves this by two finger scrolling..we stole pinch to zoom, why not steal again?

Tap and hold on a link to bring up the option to open in a new card rather than sliding out the keyboard to hold the orange button.

Let me save filles from the browser.

Basically, the browser should be fully functional with the device in landscape mode. I should not need the keyboard to perform basic functions.

Kevin C. Tofel

Orange Key + Sym + P is working fine for screen caps after the update on my Pre. They still haven’t addressed my issues with the browser that I noted in June. I’m mildly disappointed – again. :(


Kevin in a few weeks you most likely get a idea of what Android phone will replace the Pre. Any idea on which one’s you might consider getting? I can say that Android works really good. I have been using it on my Archos 5 IT and all I can say that with the apps that are available it works perfect with Gmail, Calendar, etc…

Kevin C. Tofel

Well, I’ve been saying for a month or two that I’d only make the move to a Snapdragon-powered Android device — simply because it doesn’t make sense to me to buy a device with a slower, older CPU. The Nexus One, which is widely expected to become officially announced on Tuesday, January 5 is looking good right now. But of course, there are likely plenty more new devices about to be announced next week and at February’s Mobile World Congress, so it’s not a lock just yet. ;)

I like using Android 1.6 on the SIM-less G1 I have, but it’s too clunky and slow for me to buy a SIM right now when some newer devices are becoming available.

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