Online Shopping More Satisfying Than Ever Before


Have you noticed that online shopping actually works great lately? The product pictures are appealing and zoom-worthy, the checkout pages don’t lose your credit card info after you accidentally leave out your zip code, the free shipping is doled out generously, and the prices are often discounted.

You’re not alone. In fact, customer satisfaction with the top 40 U.S. online retailers during the holiday season was higher than it ever has been before, according to a newly released survey by ForeSee Results. Amazon (s AMZN) set a new high on ForeSee’s index, scoring 87 of 100 (80 is excellence), with Netflix (s NFLX) one point behind, and sites for Macy’s, (s M) The Gap (s GPS) and Overstock (s OSTK) saw their scores jump at least 10 percent. Circuit City (s CCTYQ) and Nieman Marcus had the lowest customer satisfaction, at 73.

Holiday e-commerce sales increased 15.5 percent year-over-year, according to MasterCard Advisors’ SpendingPulse (s MA).

Now if they could only get the darn UPS (s UPS) guys to leave my packages in the right place…

Photo by Flickr user Alisdair.


Prim @ 123bargains

I love shopping online. Nowadays, the ecommerce sites really make it easy and enjoyable to shop. Amazon’s new payphrase makes it very fast and easy too buy things. I also like Newegg as they make it easy to buy stuff there.


I LOVE shopping online for holiday gifts. Who wouldn’t? It’s way more easy and actually fun, so no wonder it continues to grow in popularity every holiday season. I used as a price comparison tool and it worked out great.


I wonder what is the US and Global customer satisfaction levels for eBay and separately, Paypal. The fees are just ridiculous, if you ask me. Amazon was right. Per item shipping on eBay is a barrier to transact more.

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