Nokia Sues Apple Again for Patent Infringement

It wasn’t that long ago when Nokia (s nok) and Apple (s aapl) started trading lawsuits over patent violations involving the iPhone and various Nokia technologies. Nokia first started it by claiming the iPhone was infringing on 10 Nokia patents. Apple’s countersuit claimed that Nokia was infringing on 13 patents pertaining to the iPhone. Things had been quiet on this front for a while — until Nokia filed another suit claiming that Apple is infringing on seven Nokia patents. This time Nokia is firing a big salvo across the bow of Apple as the claim states that it’s not just the iPhone using Nokia technology — it’s virtually every product Apple makes.

At issue is Nokia technology dealing with “user-interface design and camera, antenna and power-management technologies” that the Finnish company claims Apple is using “in virtually all of its mobile phones, portable music players and computers.” Ouch. Suddenly the patent infringement has grown quite a bit since this whole business started. Apple hasn’t responded yet, but the expected countersuit should be interesting to read.