JibJab’s 2009 Year in Review Takes on Kanye, Iran, Octomom

Turns out I was premature when compiling my end-of-year vid picks, as musical comedy video creators JibJab didn’t debut their tribute to 2009 until this week. And this year, Liz Gannes will be happy to know, Michael Phelps did make it into the song — though she might not be thrilled about the context.

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This is just the cherry on top of JibJab’s fantastic December, as the site received 33 million unique visitors and cracked the top 50 visited web sites of the month, according to Quantcast (beating out verizonwireless.com and webmd.com). This might have been due to its Office Max-sponsored Elf Yourself dancing video cards, which I know I received from more than one person.

As for the end-of-year wrap-up, the topics range from pop culture to politics, with hot topics like the Iran Twitter revolution, Kanye interrupting Taylor Swift, Octomom and the public option all getting a mention. “There never was a year like ’09,” the chorus of this year’s goes. We’ll see if 2010 manages to be just as insane.