BlackBerry Buzz: Looking Back; Another Outage; Tour2 Looks Nice


It’s Tuesday and that can only mean it’s time for our weekly feature, the BlackBerry Buzz. The BlackBerry is old in phone years, as RIM (s rimm) started moving from producing pagers to entering the corporate phone business a decade ago. The BlackBerry has been one of the most successful product lines in any business, and the look back that engadget has taken is an interesting read. They cover the last ten years, including landmarks for RIM such as hitting the one millionth subscriber back in 2004. The article is a must-read for all BlackBerry enthusiasts.

BlackBerry owners were no doubt beside themselves over the holidays as another service disruption hit that prevented web access. This latest outage was so soon after the prior outage that pundits are wondering what RIM can do to prevent them from happening so often. My newbie Crackberry spouse was almost frantic from the web disconnection, something amusing to watch as she’s only had a BlackBerry for a few weeks. This was her second major service disruption.

The Tour is a nice BlackBerry, although some wished it had better specs. Information about the Tour2 is emerging, and it looks like it will be a nice improvement of what is already a pretty good phone. The processor is beefed up and the cool trackpad and keyboard are still quite good. This looks like it will be a good refresh of the Tour.

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