Best “Sellers” for Kindle Are Free


No doubt there are a lot of new Kindle owners after the holidays, and Amazon (s amzn) is happy about the number of Kindle e-books that are flying off the shelves. Amazon has a list of the top 100 best-selling e-books, and the majority of them are top sellers because they don’t cost a cent. That’s right, over 60 percent of the top 100 e-books on Amazon are absolutely free.

A quick check of the list shows the classics you expect to be there, but what’s surprising is there are quite a few other books that for some reason or another cost $0.00. If you were nice enough to get a new Kindle, you may want to check out the list and get a bunch of free books. I just got 15 free books for my Kindle 2, including a free James Patterson novel and a “Star Wars” short story.


Pam T.

Just a reminder that iPhone users utilizing the free Kindle app can take advantage of these free books as well. No Kindle required!


Heck they even have pre-orders up for free as well. Just got my Atomic Lobster this morning. :-)

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