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2010 Forecasts: Digital Funding Will Make A Comeback

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What will happen in our industries next year? This holiday season, we’re asking industry figures to peer in to their crystal ball; here’s the full series

Today: Tudor Aw is an analyst at KPMG in London, where he is head of technology and a partner…

Biggest opportunity?




Biggest hurdle/risk?

“Generally, a second-wave credit crunch from property. In digital, the mistaken view by publishers that ‘paid walls’ will be the answer.”

How will 2010 be different from 2009?

“The return of funding for M&A deals, new ventures.”

How will the wider economy manifest in the sector next year?

“There will be an increased focus on profit and cash generation in the short term, versus customer acquisition/eyeballs.”

2009 highlight?

“The power of new media in Iran