WebOS Update to Hit Today

A rumored update to webOS should hit today if the Sprint release notes are to be believed. The new version, 1.3.5, should improve battery life when on the edge of a 3G coverage area. According to the notes, the new version will launch either Google Maps or Sprint Navigation when tapping an address in the contact app. A welcome change is the shrinking of updates so they will be applicable in 2G coverage areas going forward. The updates have been so big in the past that they weren’t available to users in a 2G only area. That will change in the future.

My Pre hasn’t seen the update appear, but I’ll keep an eye out and apply it as soon as it is available. It is not clear if this update will address the program limit that Palm has indicated it will address. We’ll have to see if this update clears up enough problems to save Kevin’s Pre from extinction.


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