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Synchronize Files Online With Nomadesk

If you’re on the go, there are several options for managing and synchronizing your files, but Nomadesk manages to stand out from the crowd with several handy features. The service uses a desktop application to manage files (available in both Windows and Mac flavors), although an online dashboard is also available.

Back Up and Synchronize in the Same Place

Having a backup of the documents you work with on a regular basis is crucial — but why does it always have to be a separate application from whatever process you use to access your files when you’re on the go? Nomadesk makes sure that you can safeguard files and make them accessible at the same time. The service offers unlimited backups and guarantees that every time you add a new file or make a change, your file is backed up on redundant servers in the cloud.

In part, I think Nomadesk’s approach comes from the fact that it considers digital nomads the company’s target market. For individuals traveling only with a laptop, this service is ideal, no matter where you go. Even if something happens to your laptop when you’re on the far side of the globe, you can quickly recover your files — you just need to find another computer with an Internet connection. Of course, Nomadesk offers tools for synchronizing files across multiple computers, as well.

File Sharing Made Simple

Many of the other tools currently available for sharing documents and other files often require the people that you share files with to also register as users. With Nomadesk, however, a new feature allows you to share an entire folder — no matter the size — with anyone who has an Internet connection. As long as you’re logged into the tool’s desktop client, you can create a link to share any folder. From there, it’s just a matter of sending that link to whoever you want to have access to it.

To have access to the folder sharing feature, you do have to be signed up for the team version of Nomadesk ($15 per month), rather than the personal version ($50 per year).

Unlimited Usage, With Restrictions

Nomadesk does offer unlimited backups and doesn’t limit the size of files you share, but the service does have a “Fair Usage Policy:”

Although we do not set fixed limits on storage or bandwidth, we might intervene in the spirit of “fair usage” if we see a customer dramatically exceed the storage amounts of an average Nomadesk customer.

The phrasing of the policy is fairly vague — there’s no definition of what might be considered excessive or average. If you think that you might fall into the category of a heavy user, not having a clear definition of the upper limits of Nomadesk’s service could be a problem in the long run. It seems like a problem like that would be caught during the 30-day free trial, but there’s no guarantee.

Are you a digital nomad? Does Nomadesk meet your backup/syncing needs?

4 Responses to “Synchronize Files Online With Nomadesk”

  1. John Pugh

    I’ve been using Nomadesk for about two months. The virtual fileserver is a good idea and works well. Local access that’s mirrored onto the fileserver provides speedy access with or w/o an Internet connection. I even copy my daily backups to the fileserver which I could restore onto any computer. So far so good…

  2. the TOS weasel words are reasonable in light of the kind of service Nomadesk is selling: emphasis on document collaboration. Such activities would emphasize features over bandwidth usage. Now, if you wanted to collaborate on large video files, that might cause a problem. But Nomadesk is not advertising to that market. Customers who want to work with very bandwidth-intensive file sharing should expect to pay for what they are using. In that case, Amazon S3 or Jungle Disk would probably be a better option because you pay for what you use.