Obama on Copenhagen: Disappointed

Clearly the accord that emerged from the Copenhagen climate negotiations was a disappointment for most everyone involved. And President Obama acknowledged that over the holidays, telling PBS’s Jim Lehrer that “people are justified in being disappointed about the outcome in Copenhagen.”

It didn’t move us the way we need to. The science says that we’ve got to significantly reduce emissions over the next — over the next 40 years. There’s nothing in the Copenhagen agreement that ensures that that happens.

Many were angry with Obama himself for failing to produce an 11th hour deal. Bill McKibben went as far as accusing him of metaphorically blowing up the U.N. and creating a league of super polluters. Others blamed China for the failure to produce a substantial agreement.

It made so few people happy, we included the deal in our list of green winners and losers of 2009 (GigaOM Pro subscription required). But as Obama says in his PBS interview, it’s his job to sell the benefits of a green economy to the American people now that the deal fell through on the world stage.