It's Droid, Droid, Baby

A month ago, I reported that Motorola (s MOT) and Verizon (s VZ) were on track to sell a million Droids in the fourth quarter of 2009. Not only are they closer to that milestone, but it seems Droid is also the most dominant Android phone on the market today.

Even though the overall Android app market grew 20 percent month-over-month in December 2009, Droid logged the biggest gains, indicating a higher number of Droids in the market than competing Android devices, new data from Flurry Media, a San Francisco-based mobile analytics company, shows:

  • Droid application downloads increased by 93 percent over previous Fridays in December.
  • Droid accounted for 48 percent of download volume across the leading Android handsets (Droid, myTouch 3G, G1 and HTC Hero).

In October, HTC Dream was the best-selling Android smartphone, a position it retained during November, but things have started to change. When Droid was released in November, some analysts expected Motorola to sell about 600,000 units during the fourth quarter, but those estimates were quickly revised thanks to a $100 million marketing push by both Motorola and Verizon. In December, it seems Droid has taken a very strong lead among its Android brethren.