Evernote Makes Major Updates to iPhone App


Just when I was getting ready to log off to go out and celebrate on Christmas Eve, lo and behold I got an early Christmas present from Evernote! Well, OK, it wasn’t just a Christmas gift for me, but for all Evernote users who use an iPhone or iPod touch, as Evernote 3.2 became available via the App Store (iTunes link).

Here’s a look at the new features:

Offline Notebooks
The highlight of this latest release is the offline notebooks (available for Evernote Premium users only), which I can see coming in handy when I am out and about and can’t get a reliable AT&T (s t) signal. You’ll notice after updating Evernote that a new “Sync” icons appears in the app’s interface.

You can choose which notebooks you make available for offline viewing. Being selective on the notebooks you synchronize locally is going to help you conserve your device’s storage capacity.

Local Caching of Notes
Another notable new feature is local caching of the notes you create or view on your device (this feature is available to all users), which can also come in handy if you’re in an area where your cell and/or Wi-Fi signal is shaky.

Audio Notes
I don’t really use Evernote’s audio notes, but if you do, you’ll be happy to learn that Evernote has doubled the  capacity available.

Improved Searching

As my notes grow in Evernote, my reliance on the search feature increases. So I was happy to see improvements to the search functionality, including searching while offline, and the ability to search while synchronizing.

Rich Text Note Editing

You now have the option to edit rich text notes (notes formatted with pictures and attachments) in Evernote by appending text to the original note, or by creating a plain text version of the note. (If you choose to do this, Evernote places the original note in the trash once you commit changes.)

Outside of these new and improved features, I felt a bit of a performance bump in the release, which is always welcome and rounds out this upgrade nicely. If you just got an iPhone or iPod touch for Christmas, I highly recommend checking out Evernote if you’re looking for a note-taking application.

Have you upgraded to the new version of Evernote on your iPhone or iPod touch? Let us know what you think of it below.



Settled the issue. I deleted the backup on my PC, clear the cache in Evernote and the whole backup process is now only 25 minutes.

I am not touching the offline functionality again until this is resolved.


The update rocks except, when I have downloaded (almost) all my notebooks to offline, the iPhone backup slowed to a crawl. Its not done even in two hours.

Based on the guides that I got from this link :-


I had eliminate most of other applications. The main culprit is Evernote, right when I had downloaded almost 300MB into offline of my notes.

To be fair, I believe most other people may not come across this problem. Based on what I have seen on the screenshot here, some people has less than 50MB for all their notes. As for me, I have used Evernote back before it became a “web-app”, during the time when we can actually have hierarchical tags for our notes.

I am now a premium user. It would be among the first thing in the morning for me tomorrow, to email their support of this problem. Sigh.

Still, it is reversible since we can just delete Evernote and put it back again in the iPhone.

Kate O'Neill

This update really does rock. I’ve been a big fan and heavy user of Evernote for over a year, but my collection has grown so large that the iPhone app had become nearly useless to me. Everytime I was out somewhere and needed to search for something, I’d end up apologizing to anyone waiting for me to retrieve my info. In the past few days, though, I’ve put it to the test and it really works, thank goodness.

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