Vevo: Another Way To Watch It Outside North America, Ad-Free And Legal


Music label-owned video site Vevo is still shuttered to viewers outside the U.S. and Canada. But selected content has been available via YouTube, and now you can add another site to the list: music-video aggregator Muziic.

To be clear, Muziic does not have any direct agreement, financial or otherwise, with Vevo itself. It gets its Vevo content via an API from YouTube. As such, it does not provide any more video content than YouTube itself does.

YouTube, which developed the back end for Vevo and provides some of its hosting, has been offering a selection of videos co-branded with Vevo, featuring pre-roll and overlay ads from Google (NSDQ: GOOG). When those videos are embedded on other sites, they lose the Vevo watermark and pick up a YouTube mark instead. The video display is smaller on the embedded sites, too.

This YouTube watermark, and the smaller video format, is what you see when you watch the content on Muziic. What you don


music lover

Try (MUZU.TV the music video site)

As it says it’s a site dedicated to music video and is available outside north america. Now amassing millions of users the quality is great and the site design.

Enjoy music lovers.

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