paidContent Quick Hits 12.28.09

»  TMZ confirms that it indeed set to launch a sports spin off early next year, as we had reported last week. [NYT]

»  A search executive takes aim at *Google* and says the FCC needs to enforce “search neutrality: the principle that search engines should have no editorial policies other than that their results be comprehensive, impartial and based solely on relevance;” Paul Kedrosky tears the argument apart. [NYT and InfectiousGreed]

»  The NYT takes a long look at the debate surrounding online pay walls — but provides no updates on its own plans to perhaps charge for access to its flagship site. [NYT]

»  Hollywood is beginning to push online movie sales. An example: Weeds is now being sold online before it is available on DVD. [WSJ]

»  In addition to *Amazon,* what other companies might be interested in *Netflix*? Some possibilities. [Motley Fool]

»  “A lot of interest” but still no bidders for Editor and Publisher, which is starting what could be its last week in business. [HuffPost]

»  Flat screen maker *LG* Display is going into the e-paper display market via deals with Prime View International. [Financial Times]