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The media are full of 2010 predictions for, what else?, the media. The LA Times says it will be “another turbulent year.” The New York Times says “more fees and fences” will be coming to media web sites (including, perhaps, to the New York Times itself). Forbes foresees a blizzard of content-and-pipes deals inspired by Comcast’s takeover of NBC Universal. But my favorite crystal ball piece this morning comes from Journalism Online co-founder Gordon Crovitz. Writing in the Wall Street Journal, he reminds us that Julius Sextus Frontinus called the end of technological progress in 10 A.D., and the U.S. Patent Office considered shutting down for good in 1899 on the grounds that everything that could be invented, had been invented. Here’s one prediction certain to come true, though: A year from now, we’ll all be back with new predictions, no matter how many we get wrong this year.