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Updated: iPhone Game Downloads Expected To Hit Record Levels During Holidays

It’s too early to tell how many iPhones were unwrapped Christmas morning, but early predictions are guessing that the newly pumped up userbase will drive record sales of iPhone games during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Release.

The report was released by PlayHaven, which helps drive game referrals via social networks, and Mobclix, a mobile ad exchange. The study looked at historical app download data from Mobclix and and projections on how many iPhones were sold during the year. The companies predict that game downloads may soar to levels 28 times greater than the same weekly period last year (although they did not provide totals for either period). PlayHaven’s CEO Raymond Lau: “The week between Christmas and New Years has become the great ‘Game Rush’ for iPhone games — essentially what Black Friday is to brick and mortar retailers. UPDATE: According to Flurry, a mobile app analytics company, iPod Touch download volume jumped almost 1,000 percent on Christmas Day, and overall, the App Store saw a 51 percent increase in downloads from November to December. Furthermore, the Android Market saw a nice 20% bump in app sales as well, sparked primarily by an uptick in downloads from the Motorola (NYSE: MOT) Droid, reports MobileCrunch.

While the study is very vague, you can see how downloads will jump for all application categories, as new users download their initial apps, and other more established users may look for something to kill time with, or cash in on iTunes gift cards.

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