Android This Week: Google's Phone Gets Buzz; Who Will Sell Sony Ericsson's?


Substantial buzz continues to surround Google’s (s goog) Nexus One Android phone. This week specifications came out for it, and they do make it look like the most powerful Android handset yet, although predictions about it being hugely disruptive seem overblown. One big question being asked about this phone is whether Google Voice, Google Talk and other services could enable people to use it without cellular plans. Meanwhile, check out this video walkthrough of the phone.

Also this week, Mplayit launched its Facebook-centric take on how to get Android apps — akin to an app store. It’s designed to make Android apps more discoverable than they are on Android Market, and includes social sharing features.

Plus, the FCC recently approved two versions of Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X10 Android-based phone — one for AT&T (s t) and one for T-Mobile. Who will actually sell it though? Neither company has confirmed plans to sell the device, as InformationWeek notes this week. The first quarter of next year is when we’ll know for sure.

Meanwhile, lots of people welcomed the Android version of Buzzd, the social city and nightlife mobile app. It culls data from Twitter and shows graphical views of which locations in a given area are being talked about. And those hungry for new Android apps will also want to check out NPR’s new offering. It uses open-source code and an open API that will allow developers and NPR stations to iterate and improve the app in the future. Good idea.

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