What the Holidays Mean to Us


Hey, merry Christmas! To celebrate the day, we at NewTeeVee have taken a little time to share what we think of when we think of the holidays — through an online video filter, of course.

Janko Roettgers:
Cookies, presents, a tree with real candles and an inappropriately small bucket of water to deal with the very real possibility of said tree catching on fire: Those are the things that furnish my holiday memories. But if I really miss something celebrating the holidays in California, it’s snow. No, fellow Europeans, not the disaster kind of snow that’s currently shutting down your airports, but the fluffy-puffy snow that’s capable of bringing winterly silence to big cities and that’s crunching under your shoes when you walk home slightly drunk from a holiday party. Which is why, this holiday season, I really enjoyed watching a video of the Norwegian Bergensbanen. Just a train, driving through the snow. Awesome. Watch it, and then go set your tree on fire.

Liz Shannon Miller:
For me, the holidays always seem to include some amount of ritual embarrassment and geeky references (it comes from being the daughter of nerds). Throw in a little substance abuse, and no clip better encapsulates the experience than Carrie Fisher, as Princess Leia, singing a classic “Life Day” carol in the 1978 Star Wars Christmas Special

Ryan Lawler:
For some, the holidays mean spending time with friends and family. For me, this Christmas season meant spending a day gallivanting around New York with thousands of strangers dressed up as Santa Claus. On Dec. 12, I participated in my first Santacon, which included bar-hopping, gathering in Washington Square Park, several hours in a night club, and a final meeting of Santas in Times Square. Sadly, I don’t know the folks in the video below, but they seem to be a lot of fun — and indicative of the general mood and merriment that the day involves.

Liz Gannes:
The irregularity of an ice cream swirl, tree bark, cat fur, turtle shells, and most of all grilled cheese — there are many places to find Jesus. And as we search for hope this holiday season, let’s not forget the valiant and selfless efforts of our news men and women, who report without bias on those who find, believe and disbelieve the miraculous images that we can find in our daily lives, if we look.

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