What Happened in Tech This Week

1. Twitter bought Mixer Labs. View

2. HTC became a smartphone hero. View

3. O2/Telefónica announced Jajah acquisition for $207 million. View

4. Blippy launched. View

5. App analytics firms Flurry and Pinch Media merged. View

6. Google released its Open manifesto. View

7. Incubators made a return. View

8. Twitter might actually be profitable. View

9. MyTown proved to be bigger than FourSquare and Gowalla. View

In addition, GigaOM Pro has the following wrap-ups for its subscribers:

* Will Hulu be able to keep its light on in the Fox-Time Warner Cable blackout?

* How Facebook should fix its privacy problem.

* Why Amazon’s spot instances won’t commoditize the cloud.

* And no, 2010 still won’t be the year of mobile advertising.