Merry Christmas Everybody


christmas2.jpgGreetings! On behalf of the GigaOM family, I wanted to take a moment and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope you are all resting and taking a much-needed break after a very hectic 2009. More importantly, the end of the year is a good time for all of us to focus on what really matters — our families, loved ones and relationships. Merry Christmas!


Brett Glass

No time to rest, Om. When my customers need me, I’m there — 24×7. And I’m working overtime this weekend on plans for next year — especially ways to combat the stifling, innovation-killing regulation that your publication has been advocating. Here’s hoping that you’ll recognize the hard work that I and my colleagues are doing, often for far too little compensation, and stop being so anti-ISP in 2010.

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