Focusing on Backup, Some Econ Technology Programs Now Free

The good folks at Econ Technologies recently began offering some of its software for free, in order to allow it the time to focus on its flagship products. Earlier this week, Portraits & Prints, ImageCaster, and DayChaser specifically, went from paid software to freeware. Recognizing the mounting difficulty in competing with cloud-based services such as Google Calendars (which is free to use) was a contributing factor in the early Christmas present that Econ has provided for everyone.

Portraits & Prints is a print shop sort of application allowing you to print off photos in customizable and out-of-the-ordinary ways. From the Econ web site:

Select your photos and they are automatically arranged onto templates and displayed on screen the exact same way they are printed. You don’t waste time arranging photos and you don’t waste paper since you see the printout beforehand.

ImageCaster allows you to share your webcam’s view to webpages, turn it into a security camera, and more. It even gives you the option to schedule postings if you so choose. From the Econ web site:

ImageCaster contains a full set of features within a simple interface. Whether you’re setting up multiple webcams from several cameras or just a webcam at home, ImageCaster keeps the process easy. ImageCaster not only uploads the image it creates the webpage too.

DayChaser can essentially be likened to iCal. I’ve used it in a limited capacity before, and it has functioned well. Though I’d agree with Econ that competing with the likes of Google Calendar et al., is a losing battle. From the Econ web site:

DayChaser lets you create and manage multiple calendar documents simultaneously. Each calendar document contains its own unique set of scheduled entries and To-Do items that can be customized so your personal organizer is truly personal.

All of the above applications have been updated to be Snow Leopard compatible prior to being made freely available. At this point in time, Econ Techologies will be turning all of its attention to improving the already solid ChronoSync and ChronoAgent programs. Both represent robust options for system backups, synchronization, and remote administration. In fact, I’ve found ChronoSync to be invaluable in backing up my work MacBook Pro to a remote SAN.

Everyone’s gotta love free programs (I personally have a problem because I download them all and my Applications folder is atrocious!) right? If any of these sound interesting, why not give them a shot? However, be forewarned that because they are now free, support will likely be negligible, and updates are no longer in the cards.


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