A Holiday Treat From Engineer’s Guide Paul Klusman’s Cats

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[show=kittykittykitty size=large]Among cat video aficionados, Paul Klusman is seen as a special hero of the movement. The Wichita, Kan., engineer went viral with his low-key and charming An Engineer’s Guide to Cats, a technically minded documentation of Klusman’s three cats and their myriad habits and personalities, reaching over 4 million views since February 2008 (which is impressive, given the video’s 6-minute runtime — usually videos of that length struggle to gain a foothold).

Since then, he’s followed up on the original video with shorts detailing the complexities of cat yodeling and cat posing, but while his posting has always been irregular, for Christmas this year he’s come up with a special treat — a holiday-themed kitty battle royale, with lasers.

Christmas Laser Beam Cats may not be extremely original in concept, given that it immediately draws comparison to SNL’s Laser Cats series of sketches. However, let’s be fair: Bill Hader and Andy Samberg’s cats shoot lasers out of their mouths, not their eyes. And while they tend to cheat by using stuffed cats instead of real ones for the majority of the time, Klusman’s work is 100 percent au natural feline, which makes the short’s crowning achievement — a double-barreled kitty-mounted attack weapon — all the more impressive.

Overall, Klusman’s production values are technically not professional, but his talent for editing puts them a notch above amateur, especially when implemented for feats like a cat-yodeled cover of Offenbach’s Can Can. Combined with his deadpan delivery, clever writing, and (of course) adorable cats, it’s an act that he could try to push to bigger heights — but beyond a Cafepress store of related merchandise, he seems relatively content with his lot in life.

Though one thing doesn’t seem right — based on the videos, there’s a definite implication that Klusman is single. Perhaps the ladies of Wichita are a bit put off by a grown man who dresses up his cats and makes videos about them, but the ladies of Wichita, I suspect, are lacking in taste.

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