mocoNews Quick Hits 12.24.09

»  It’s a bit more realistic that Sprint could be announcing a WiMax phone made by LG (SEO: 066570), running Windows Mobile, at CES this year, given that one was on display last year. [JkOnTheRun.]

»  GetJar, an independent mobile app store, said 10 of the top 20 downloads in November had to do with social networking or messaging. CEO Ilja Laurs said the company’s average consumer launches social network apps eight times a day and spends five to ten minutes each time. “So already today, Facebook apps have a greater mindshare than the Facebook website.” [VentureBeat.]

»  CEA and CTIA say they know how they can re-purpose broadcast spectrum for wireless services, but it’s complicated and messy. []

»  No can get enough of those Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) tablet rumors — especially investors, who shot the company’s stock price to a new intraday high of $209.35 on Friday, three and half weeks after it was pulled down below $190. [Fortune] By early afternoon on Thursday, Apple’s stock was back down to $208.92, a 3.36 percent rise for the day.

»  With two BlackBerry outages in one week, the question is: Is RIM (NSDQ: RIMM) straining under the weight of more customers? [WSJ.]