Vid-Biz: YouTube, Comcast, Current TV

YouTube Renegotiates Another Music Contract; video site renewed its deal with Dutch royalty collector Buma/Stemra, allowing it to show professionally-produced music videos and homemade videos with music included, as well as videos embedded off-site. (paidContent)

Comcast Signs Burke to Five-Year Deal; Stephen Burke, the No. 2 exec and guy who will oversee the Comcast-NBC deal, is signed through December 2014. (Variety)

Current TV’s Plans to Enter Canada On Hold; the news organization recently laid off 80 people due to a tough media environment in the US. (CBC News)

The Fuzzy Math of Apple’s TV Subscription Service Doesn’t Add Up; it will be difficult for Apple to make a profit on the service with the numbers the WSJ is quoting. (VideoNuze)

Netflix Options Jump On Takeover Rumors; option activity jumps as scuttlebutt says the company could be a takeover target. (Silicon Alley Insider)

Low Prices Bump Blu-ray Sales; shoppers are flocking to low-cost models, as well as those that cost a bit more but can stream content from the Internet. (Wall Street Journal)

The Jay Leno Effect: Eyeballs Bail on Broadcast for Cable; NBC’s viewers didn’t move to other broadcasters when they didn’t like what they saw at 10 pm. They went to the cable guys. (AllThingsD)

Irdeto Buys Philips White-Box Cryptography; the company acquired a full suite of white-box cryptology patents, patent applications and software to boost its IP portfolio and combat hacking against PCs, set-top boxes and other devices. (Broadband TV News)