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Rumor Has It: 4th-Gen iPhone to Have 5-Megapixel Camera

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Evidence has emerged to back up the theory that Apple’s next iPhone iteration will have a 5-megapixel camera. It comes by way of DigiTimes, which reports that supplier OmniVision (S OVTI) has received a sizable order for the parts necessary for the improvement.

The current model only sports a 3-megapixel sensor, which is on par with a lot of devices, but many direct iPhone competitors have begun offering better resolution hardware. Five megapixels isn’t a lot compared to most point-and-shoot cameras on the market right now, but it’s likely enough for most people’s standard usage, and should help the iPhone become even more popular than it already is on sites like Flickr (s yhoo).

DigiTimes is quoting unnamed sources as saying that OmniVision, the company which currently supplies the CMOS sensor for the iPhone 3GS, has received a large order for 5-megapixel versions of the core camera component, which should help it increase its output to between 40-45 million units in 2010, up from 20-21 million in 2009.

The order is set to start being manufactured sometime in the first quarter of 2010, which is in keeping with the expected June/July launch of the next-gen iPhone at WWDC.

Expect video quality to improve as a result. A move to HD video in the iPhone would definitely help the device’s chances in the mobile video market, and could even spell the end for standalone low-cost devices like the Flip HD (S csco) and Sony’s (s sne) recently launched competitor, the Webbie HD.

Here’s hoping the next iteration of the iPhone’s camera also handles things like night and low-light shooting better, too. Many competitors now have built-in flashes, but I don’t see Apple (s aapl) marring its minimalist industrial design with an additional break in the back casing of the iPhone.

14 Responses to “Rumor Has It: 4th-Gen iPhone to Have 5-Megapixel Camera”

  1. james braselton

    hi there you are right 4g iphone will have duo core cpu a oled screen the 5 mp voideo confrencing avaliable by other web sites and may be apple will have a mini projector like the lg expo phone that be alwsoume and 128 gb flash memory would make it like the ipod clasic with out spining platers too hard drives our runing out of time

  2. Gregory Pierce

    I’ve been fine with the current camera. THe only thing its ever really been missing is an LED flash (and one that can be kept tuned in for video).

  3. A flash and a more sensitive sensor even at 3MP would do more to improve iPhone photography than simply bumping up the megapixels ( a meaningless number given that monitors are limited to 2MP of resolution anyway).

    From Ars Technica: “As many readers may know, packing more megapixels onto the same sized sensor generally results in smaller, less-sensitive pixels.” ~

  4. Hmm a flash would be good, but a physical keyboard? I dont think so… Main reason, Quality Control at Apple has already slipped, the less flimsy parts, ie the sliding mechanism, the keypad etc, the better!

    But my iPhone got stolen, which isnt so bad because it was a 3G, it was absolutly useless come photos.

    Im hoping an iPhone update will bring a better camera, with flash, a new look, the iPhone has had the some front screen for years now… And the back has stayed the same for the 3G and 3GS… iPhones are so distinguishable nowadays… I think they need a fresh, new look… Maybe boasting some of that Aluminium Apple shows in every new product… Im sure they’ll figure out reception issues.

    Im also hoping that they’ll do a software update to add some of those features the cheapest throw-away cellphone has. My replacement err Nokia 2730 *shudders* has like everything… The phone is dreadful and is falling apart, but it has nearly every feature you could think of, for example, customisable ringtones and message tones, a video camera (that actually isnt to bad and does a better job than my Jailbroken 3G did), customisable themes, easily create contacts, turning bluetooth on and off is only about 2 clicks away, rather than on the 3G its like 10 clicks… Oh and about bluetooth, integration with other phones!! On this nokia, take a pic, send it to another phone, right out of the box. The iPhone can do this, but last time I checked you gotta download an App for it.