With Market Share, BlackBerry Gets the Buzz

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Apple’s (s aapl) iPhone may be the most popular phone in the U.S., but Zeta Interactive says that Research In Motion’s (s rimm) BlackBerry generates the most love. The New York-based digital marketing agency has pointed its Zeta Buzz technology at the mobile industry, examining more than 100 million blogs and other sites in an effort to see which players are generating the most positive feedback online. The BlackBerry topped Zeta’s list, which weighs both volume and the subjective criterion “positive buzz”; Apple’s iPhone placed second:

Top 5 Buzzed-About Mobile Brands of 2009
Volume Tone Zeta Buzz Ranking
Blackberry 117,641 92/8 10,822.97
iPhone 142,088 76/24 10,798.69
T-Mobile 89,340 79/21 7,057.86
LG 84,505 74/26 6,253.37
Samsung 76,547 80/20 6,123.76

Zeta’s figures come on the heels of yesterday’s report from Nielsen, which found that BlackBerry devices accounted for three of the top 10 most-used handsets by U.S. consumers in 2009 through October. RIM’s 8300 series took second place overall, ranking just behind the iPhone 3G. So while RIM has some serious infrastructure problems to address, its market share continues to grow. And as Kevin noted yesterday over at jkOnTheRun, that growth could get a serious boost if RIM were to develop a competitive mobile browser.

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