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Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro 7.5 Adds Web Worker-friendly Features

Adobe (s adbe) recently launched Acrobat Connect Pro 7.5, the latest version of its web conferencing service, and I’ve been spending some time using it recently. We get a chance to review our fair share of web conferencing tools here at WebWorkerDaily, and the big differentiator for Acrobat Connect Pro in a crowded market is that it doesn’t require conference participants to download a client, because the platform is Flash-based. I can’t tell you how many web conferences I’ve been in that have been delayed because there was a glitch in the client download process for one or more of the attendees.

In my view, we all need a web conferencing platform with a light footprint that enables us to hop in and out of web conferences with ease, without having to fire up a complex client to initiate the session. Acrobat Connect Pro could certainly find a home in browser tab where it could be waiting, ready for you to jump into a new web conference.

Acrobat Connect Pro 7.5 includes the following new features:

Integrated Audio. Flexible audio integration is a must have in a web conferencing platform. Take a look at your own project team; it’s doubtful that every team member is using the same phone system. Acrobat Connect Pro’s integrated audio (which was recently covered by Simon) adds an important communications layer to this web conferencing platform, and means that it can support VoIP, landline and mobile telephones as well as a range of traditional teleconferencing systems. If needed, you can even have conference attendees in the web conference using their PC’s mic and speakers.

Native PDF Support. If you and your team use Adobe Acrobat PDFs as a standard working format then you should know that this version includes PDF support, with improved workflow and Adobe Acrobat integration. PDFs offer a secure publishing format especially if you, your team, and clients are having issues with document corruption, incompatibility and other problems that can sometimes ensue with passing Microsoft Office (s msft) documents around via email.

Additionally, there are refinements to Acrobat Connect Pro’s secure desktop sharing and interface with whitelisting and more granular security controls, which could open up the prospect of secure desktop sharing to organizations that may have been wary of it in the past.

Acrobat Connect Pro Goes Mobile

This latest version of Acrobat Connect Pro is also promising an iPhone client to enable iPhone (s aapl) users to attend web conferences on the go. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to test this feature out as yet.

This latest release of Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro is definitely worth a look if you’re seeking a flexible web conferencing system for your project team.

Have you used Acrobat Connect Pro for web conferencing? Share your experience below.