Web Conferencing With Sococo Team Space

Writing for WebWorkerDaily means I get to see a lot of web conferencing and collaborative tools. This experience can be useful as a lot more of my clients are looking to take advantage of these tools, which, in turn, means that I also have the opportunity to see them used in the wild.

Sococo Team Space from Sococo is a new Windows-only (s msft) entry into the web conferencing space and takes a more graphical approach to web conferencing (not necessarily a bad thing). In fact, the Sococo client uses an interesting office building analogy:

From the Sococo Team Space user interface, you have access to the following:

  • Audio Preferences, which lets you control your voice, other people’s voices, and alerts.

  • Screen sharing, enabling conference participants to share their screens while a web conference is in session. The collaboration opportunities with this feature include sharing documents while you edit your own document and viewing multiple documents side-by-side.
  • Send invites to other conference participants. With this I give my standard advice when it comes to web conferencing platforms with a downloadable client, and that is have all conference participants download the client well before the conference and not when the conference is about to start.

  • Communications tools including “hallway” conversations (using that office building analogy again) and the ability to click into an office or conference room to join other participants.

While I generally prefer web conferencing platforms that are cross-platform and have a smaller footprint, Sococo Team Space could be useful for web conferencing with novice web users thanks to its familiar office building analogy. However, more experienced users may find the user interface and its analogies to an office building to be a bit much.

You can get started with Sococo Team Space for free.

What do you think of Sococco Team Space’s office building analogy model? Is it useful, or does it just get in the way?