Newest Toshiba Netbook Offers Integrated EVDO and HSPA 3G

Image Credit: FCC

Fellow Toshiba NB205 netbook owner Hector Gomez pinged me last night with some interesting info on a refreshed Toshiba making its way through the FCC. There’s no indication of the processor in the FCC testing documents, but at this point, it’s all but certain that the new Intel Atom N450 will power it. I can confirm that the device will have integrated 3G, or at least an option for wireless broadband. Speaking of options, owners of the new netbook will be able to use either EVDO or HSPA for the broadband service. Hector told me it appears that Toshiba is using a Qualcomm Gobi chip for communication, which supports both types of network technologies. It took me some time to find it, but a Nov. 18 filing confirms it (PDF):

“Please be advised that Qualcomm Incorporated authorizes Toshiba Corp. and Compliance Certification Services to utilize compliance data from Part 22/24 RF conducted test report of the Qualcomm model No: Gobi 2000, FCC ID: J9CGOBI2000 to demonstrate compliance for the Toshiba Netbook Computer Model No: NB300/ NB305, FCC ID: CJ6UPLL3APC.”

Although I’m not sold on the business model, this news is a good indicator that we’ll see carriers in the U.S. that will subsidize the Toshiba NB300/305 netbook. Although it’s difficult to tell from the above diagram, Hector thinks that the battery housing on the new netbook appears a bit larger than on our current devices. That could mean a battery that protrudes a little less, but we’ll have to wait and see. I’m also wondering how long such a refreshed netbook will run on a single charge since the new Atom chipset uses 20 percent less power. Note that the displays use more energy than chipsets, so you can’t expect a 20 percent jump in overall battery life. But with early reviews showing solid gains in run-time, I’m hoping that a new Toshiba netbook will run for nearly 10 hours — my current one lasts for around eight with the older Atom. Thanks Hector — when are you placing your order? ;)


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