Nook Firmware Update Speeds Page Turns, Adds In-Store Promos

One of the first videos of the Barnes & Noble Nook was Matt Miller’s and I wondered how he could tolerate the slow page refresh. Others weren’t too happy with the relatively sluggish performance and unfinished feel, but a firmware update just hit for the Nook, so it’s too early to condemn it. Once upgraded, Matt’s Nook showed some improvement, but it’s still a bit laggy for my tastes. Above you can get a good idea of the page refresh speed because Matt compares it to his Sony Reader PRS-505, as he did on day one of Nook ownership. Instead of taking twice as long as the Sony, the Nook has caught up a little — it’s still not as fast as the Sony, but it’s a noticeable improvement, thanks to version 1.1 of the firmware.

Matt also shares some details on the in-store experience and that’s where his Nook has a marked advantage over my Amazon Kindle. Aside from in-store content, Matt received a promo for a free cookie. The best I get with my Kindle in that case is five bars of EVDO — maybe Amazon will send me a cookie with the next Kindle firmware update?


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