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Making Ads Real Time, Too: OneRiot Streams Trending Ads

As the web and search become more up-to-the-minute, relevant and timely, advertising shouldn’t be far behind. OneRiot, a Boulder, Colo.-based startup, this morning is launching a stream of real-time ads on currently trending topics. The ads are now available for syndication by application developers, and IM client Digsby will be one of the first to implement them. Digsby is actually placing the real-time ads directly in its stream, rather than off to the side.

The stream of ads comes from OneRiot’s real-time ad network, RiotWise, which launched this fall, and is available for web-connected clients as well as in a special mobile ad unit (see screenshot). OneRiot has already built a partner network for its real-time search results that includes Yahoo (s YHOO) and Microsoft (s MSFT).

Still, any one moment’s trending topics are often able to be anticipated — for example, the pictured ad is inspired by the recurring timely keyword “Santa.” When a trending topic is a huge surprise, it’s often because it’s tragic (therefore, maybe not something you want to target against). Ultimately, fine-tuning the relevancy of real-time ads may be overkill, but it’s good to see people experimenting to find out what works.

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  1. Shyam Kapur

    This is a very interesting development. Social, Semantic, and Real-time together make such a powerful mix. It is still early days, of course, but I enjoy looking at the experimentation that is going on everywhere. Some of my creation in this area, TipTop, is also an experiment that is now looking to work out well.