Daily Sprout

A Year Later, Coal-Ash Spill Still on EPA’s Long To-Do List: One year after the failure of an earth-and-ash dam holding back 1 billion gallons of waterlogged ash from a Tennessee power plant, most of the ash that flooded out and covered 85 acres of land, “is still there. And the problem of similar coal-ash ponds still sits on the long and fast-expanding to-do list of President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency.” — Washington Post

Microsoft + GM = ??: Brian Miller has some fun with the news that former Microsoft chief financial officer Chris Liddell is joining General Motors as CFO. In “the coming collision between Rust Belt and Silicon Forest,” maybe we’ll see a Chevy Volt recharging via USB port and the end of compatibility with Apple devices. Oh, and, “Instead of gentle chiming when seatbelts aren’t connected, drivers will be berated by the recorded voice of an enraged Steve Ballmer.” — Seattle Weekly

Climate Blame Game, Round 1: “Chinese officials, stung by criticism in the West that China had sabotaged a legally binding agreement for reducing greenhouse gases during talks in Copenhagen, fired back on Tuesday, saying that wealthy nations were seeking to sow discord among developing countries in a cynical attempt to avoid reducing their own emissions.” — New York Times

Compulsory Green Energy on the Table: “China’s top legislature Tuesday discussed a legal amendment to require electricity grid companies to buy all the power produced by renewable energy generators.” — Xinhua

Holiday Cheer for LEDs: “Decorative LED holiday lights appear to be catching on in homes across the country. With the nation’s most iconic Christmas trees lighting the way — the White House and Rockefeller Center trees are decked out in LEDs — retailers are reporting brisk sales for the lights this season, despite the rough economy.” — NYT’s Green Inc.