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Canvas Response: ‘Nothing Short Of BBC Mission Creep’

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Given its opposition to the proposed connected-TV VOD standard in the consultations to date, it’s no wonder that BSkyB (NYSE: BSY) is upset the BBC Trust has provisionally approved Project Canvas. Here’s the statement from its corporate affairs director Graham McWilliam…

One Response to “Canvas Response: ‘Nothing Short Of BBC Mission Creep’”

  1. thephazer

    ““There is no need for public money to be spent on replicating what’s set to be delivered through commercial investment”

    Which goes to prove Graham McWilliam is a simpleton, because the commercial IPTV marketplace has been about to produce this every year for the last five years and has never happened.

    There have been hundreds of boxes, but none of them ever got all the major terrestrial broadcasters on board. None of them got significant amounts of on-demand programming, and while the market remains fragmented it doesn’t take off. The only company that should have had a realistic chance is Sky, with their monopoly on relatively highly powered set top boxes which they obviously hoped to retain from now on.

    The upcoming boxes are exactly the same. They either lack the encryption or hardware grunt to get programming securely (notably ITV, C4 and Five all encrypt their on-demand services and are probably contractually required to do so, as would Hulu if it launched in the UK), or they’re from incredibly unprofessional companies that think they can waltz into broadcasters who will dive and give them hundreds of hours of content for nothing.

    Sky have had ample time to get a solution to market and take it, and they’ve utterly cocked it up. They specced their boxes poorly, thought on-demand would go away, though Sky Anytime recordings on a box would be popular, built at least one on-demand infrastructure that was so clumsy and crap even their own channels wouldn’t use it. We shouldn’t be holding back public service initiatives just to compensate for their ineptitude.