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YouTube Launches Its Own Link Shortener

Move over, Lybia: YouTube has chosen Belgium’s .be top-level domain for its new URL-shortening service. Google (s GOOG) clearly decided to go for memorability vs. the shortest URL possible with this service — using simply — which it describes as a secure URL shortener that can’t be used to direct you to sites you don’t want to go to: “[W]hen you see a link with this URL, you are indeed about to click on a YouTube video,” the blog post announcing the service reads.

Users that connect their YouTube account to their Facebook or Twitter account through the site’s AutoShare functionality just have to favorite videos on the site to automatically shorten and share them on Twitter or Facebook. You can also manually use the service by simply adding the video ID to the short URL, as in

YouTube isn’t the only one that’s been pushing into the crowded short URL space. Google launched a URL- shortening service for its tool bar users last week, and Facebook unveiled its ultra-short domain on the very same day.

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